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"Our role is to service, manage and assist in establishing and expanding new ventures"


- Brian Salmanpour, Chairman & CEO of Londongate Investment & Management Plc


Our mission


We believe

the emerging markets, the European market and China have gigantic potentials and Londongate wants to be involved with these markets.

We will fulfill

the integrated role of an insurance Management and Investment holding Company and risk Management service provider.

We are


as a niche player in the insurance industry, focusing on markets that are either ignored by larger brokers and insurers or regarded as too challenging.

Our Objectives

To develop and enter these markets at an early stage and where necessary, to assist with the direction of these overseas operations.




Chairman & CEO of Londongate Investment & Management Plc

Brian Salmanpour is the founder of Londongate Plc, Kay International Plc ( and is responsible for the development of the Group. Brian has considerable experience in setting up insurance operations in the emerging markets, having established Bland Payne’s (Lloyd’s broker) operation in Iran in 1975 as well as setting up Hafez Ins Co. with Royal Ins Co. (UK) and Continental Ins Co. (USA) as foreign partners. His involvement with Eastern Europe began in 1993 when we were instrumental in setting up Insurance Companies in Romania, Bulgaria and Uzbekistan. As the Chairman of Londongate Group, he went on to establish 8 further insurance companies in Azerbaijan, Armenia, The Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Georgia, The Gambia and Mauritania. He is at present in the process of setting up an insurance Company in an EU domain country.


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